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  • Arborist Saw

    Arborist Chain Saws are used for Professional tree service, maintenance of public roads, and parks. These jobs are what the Stihl special-purpose saws are preferred for, and with their exceedingly compact design they can be guided with absolute accuracy. This Stihl MS 193 is the arborist saw with a very good power-to-weight ratio for tree maintenance. This saw has easy starting due to its microprocessor-based ignition. Pick up this saw with a 14" bar for only $444.95!

  • Forestry Saw

    Powerful, professional Stihl chain saws are designed for heavy-duty cutting in extreme conditions. The have high engine power and relatively low-weight which makes them ideal for dense stands, as well for cutting hard wood. This Stihl Magnum MS 661 C-M chain saw has a lower power-to-weight ratio and is the lightest chain saw in its engine class. It's not just power that counts when cutting large timber but also every gram of weight. This Stihl chain saw with an 18" bar is price at $1389.95, stop by and pick up yours today!

Yard Boss

The Stihl Yard Boss is made up of a powerful drive unit, frame and comes standard with a pick tine attachment. It folds up quickly and compactly for storage or transportation. The housing is made up of impact-resistant materials and is light weight and durable. The controls are conveniently positioned for easy operation, making the Yard Box easy to operate. Wheel kits are optional and sold separately.

The Stihl KombiSystem

is 5 powerful engines, 1 ergonomic handle and 14 various professional grade KombiTools.
KombiMotors - Tackle numerous tasks without having to store bulky equipment. Choose one of the five powerful engines and then select the appropriate KombiTools to create a custom lawn care system.
KombiTools available are the KB-KM Bristle Brush, get dirt out of deep grooves.
KW-KM Stihl PowerSweep, quick convenient clearing of dirt, fallen leaves, snow and all kinds of debris.
BG-KM Blower - the name speaks for itself
HT-KM Pole Pruner, prune trees while safely on the ground.
FBD-KM Bed Redefiner, re-shape or re-define an existing garden bed.
HL-KM Hedge Trimmer 0 degrees, ideal for trimming hedges tall or wide.
HL-KM Hedge Trimmer 135 Degrees, flexibility of being able to be adjusted 270 degrees (135 degrees working range).
FH-KM Power Scythe, trim ground level plants with ease.
FS-KM Mowing Head, ideal for cutting grass along walls or fences.
BF-KM Soil Cultivator, maintain flower beds and control weeds.
FSB-KM Curved Shaft Trimmer, for those that prefer a curved-shaft.
FS-KM Metal Blade, mowing heavy grass and weeds.
FCB-KM Curved Lawn Edger, trimming lawn edges.
FCS-KM Lawn Edger, straight-shaft edger delivers more power to the cut

Stihl and DNR Outdoor Power Equipment have Guide Bars for any application. The Stihl Rollomatic E is made of three electrically welded metal plates, with the middle plate largely hollowed out for excellent stability and very low weight. Rollomatics have been produced with two different sized bar noses, a small nose for reduced kickback and a large nose for high boring performance. We also carry the Stihl Duromatic which is a solid bar for chain saws in the middle and high-performance categories. The Duromatic is made of extremely strong solid steel and the bar nose is protected by a carbide alloy plating. Stop in at DNR Outdoor Power Equipment and let us help you get the right bar for you!

Never worry about Mixing again! We carry Stihl MotoMix Premixed Fuel. It is a patented premium fuel that combines high-octane ethanol-free alkylate fuel and Stihl HP Ultra oil. This fuel is better for the environment, made of a non-aromatic fuel and fully synthetic, highly biodegradable engine oil. This fuel also has a longer shelf life, 5 years unopened or 2 years opened (when stored in a cool, well ventilated area).

  • In Stock Now

    We have a large selection of Stihl String Trimmers in stock in our showroom. Come check them out, we have both straight shaft and curved shaft.

  • Perfect for Daddy's Little Boy!

    Do you have a little boy that loves to imitate his dad? Why not get him this toy Stihl Chainsaw to match daddy's. This toy chainsaw makes life like noises!

  • Safety First!

    Here at DNR Outdoor Power Equipment we have all the accessories you need to keep yourself safe while you work in the yard!! Make sure to check out our Landscapers Safety Kit, and our selection of Stihl Lawngrips Safety Shoes. Landscaper Safety Kit is $49.95, you safety PRICELESS!

  • Great Savings!

    Stihl's "Fall Savings 2015 Event" is on now! Save $50 on this Stihl HSE 52 Electric Hedge Trimmer, for $199.95. Get those hedges trimmed back before the Fall gets here! Stop in and check out the large selection of Stihl trimmers that we have to offer here at DNR Outdoor Power Equipment.

DNR Outdoor Power Equipment is the place to go if you need to stock up on your trimmer line! Stop in and check out the large selection of Stihl and Echo trimmer line that we have to offer and keep on top of those weeds! We can even install your trimmer line for you and save you the hassle. Stop in and see us today!

STIHL is the name for quality


the primary reason being the sophisticated engineering that goes into every machine, down to the last detail. Some selected examples of STIHL product engineering are shown here. STIHL products are crammed with innovative ideas to make your work easier.

 We guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with your STIHL purchase. If you are not, you may return it within seven days and exchange it for another STIHL product that better meets your needs. See DNR Outdoor Power Equipment today for details.  Only available on models eligible for the two year extended warranty.


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